Does my website need a blog?

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It is a major question that anyone who is building a website asks themselves. Does my website need a blog to help in SEO or in attracting new customers?

The short answer is, it depends.

Just like every business is different, every website is different as well. 

There is one underlying question you need to answer, does it add value to your wesbite? Is it helpful in conveying your message? On the flip side, can it be harmful?

For instance, a blog if done right will give you credibility in your field. Is the blog knowledgeable about your topic? Is it relevant to that topic?

For instance, you might love writing about butterflies, but no one will flock to you if you are a lawyer or doctor trying to build your practice talking about butterflies. 

And there are times in which your website is better served without a blog. If writing one does not add value to the long-range direction of your business, then you are better off devoting that time to other resources.

Then you need to ask yourself, do you have the technical skill to turn out a captivating blog? You might have the know-how of your craft, but lack the writing skills to attract customers. 

Answer this question, will you see a return on your investment? Blog writing for a business is a dedicated advertisement for it to work properly.  it is the same as if you had invested in any other cost of doing business.

Will you see a return that is equal to or greater than your investment? Keep in mind, that you cannot write a blog every time you remember it and neglect it the rest of the time.

It will take a period of time to see a return. And by a while, we are talking conservatively six months to a year. And that is publishing at least once a week.  

Blog writing can be a great way to show your skills and knowledge on a subject. If presented right and with a plan, you can turn it into an effective way to rank in SEO and attract new business.

Be smart with it.

Start on your Website today!

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