GALVESTON, TX. Kohl Media Solutions is pleased to announce that it has signed with Mary Goodnight, local authoress to handle her media needs.

Mary Goodnight is a pen name for a Galveston County-based authoress, according to her website

Mary Goodnight is a modern day wife and mother with a center to right political outlook on life.  A working class American with a desire to bring things back to a better, simpler time.
Here Mary hopes to discuss the day to day life of raising kids, marriage, struggling to maintain a middle-class life, trying to keep your head afloat, and being a dog mom. 
Basically, the day to day struggles and triumphs. All cast against a background of murder, corruption, mayhem, and an ever changing world around us.

KMS will be pushing cutting edge social media and traditional media to meet the needs of writers in the digital and information age.